Weekly Recipes

Weekly Recipe Testing – the Intro

Greetings! Since travelling is still banned (aka no travel guides) let’s say hello to the new category on Peek Islands blog – Weekly Recipe Rating! This will be a section where I cook and rate dinner recipes according to their:

  • taste aka the Yum-meter
  • easiness level aka the Easy-meter
  • time consumption aka the Speed-o-meter

Where do the recipes come from? Me and Kaspar have a Sunday routine where we choose 5 recipes for the upcoming week (leaving out the weekend) which makes grocery shopping rationalised and a lot faster. Plus you don’t need to think what to eat for dinner every evening – so exhausting and leading to often unhealthy choices. I don’t make my own food recipes, I rate the ones that I find online. 

We usually pick our recipes from the Everygirl Food&Drink section where new recipe posts appear every week. 

I order all the ingredients online and the food courier delivers everything on a Monday morning. This leaves us only with the cooking fun and (usually) tasty dishes! 

Let’s get started!