Healthy Travel

TOP 4 Food Supplements For Healthy Travel

I am educated as Medicinal Chemist and developing innovative nutritional supplements is currently my main occupation – it’s a lot of fun, often complicated but most importantly – it has raised my awareness of different supplements on the market. Here is my take on food supplements that should fit into your holiday suitcase. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Wide spectrum probiotic

You should always be accompanied by a good probiotic while travelling. These healthy gut bacteria will make sure that your digestion will adapt to the vacation mode just as good as your mind. Look for supplements with many different strands of bacteria and those that pereferably include Saccharomyces boulardii and not just Bifido bacteria as boulardii also suppresses activity of bad bacteria and is often used in food poisoning drugs.  Ideally a 1-week course of probiotic should be made prior to travelling. This way you will not fall sick from the stress levels dropping suddenly in the first days. 

2. Activated charcoal

Charcoal has a wonderful ability to adsorb (=attaches bad things on its surface) heavy metals and toxins from the intestine. It is good for relieving holiday bloating, diarrhea and food poisoning. Look for charcoal made from burnt coconut shells as it tends to contain less residues than the usual wood version. I also love apple pectin based detox powders that are dissolved in a glass of water and work in a similar matter as the coal.

3. Digestive enzymes

Humans need digestive enzymes to break down food into smaller digestable blocks like peptides, fatty acids and mostly glucose (=energy). Holiday meals can be chaotic and often made from foreign ingredients meaning you can end up with food jammed in your stomach. This is where the enzymes come in – digest all that holiday food. Look for products with 5 basic enzymes – lipase, lactase, protease, amylase and cellulase. I prefer fermented enzymes as they tend to be more bioavailable (body absorbs these better) than the plant based ones like papain and bromelain etc.

Food Supplements for Hangover

4. Hangover relief

One too many margaritas? It’s a good idea to have some alcohol neutralizers at hand. These are normally water soluble supplements with amino acids (e.g glutathione, NAC and L-arginine), vitamins (C, B-group vitamins) and natural extracts with a proven hangover relief effect like Prickly Pear, DHM (dihydromyricetin) and Milk Thistle. Preferably dissolved in carbonated water (remember how quickly champagne kicks? same mechanism!), this refreshing drink will make your head clear, detox the liver and keep nausea away. Not a single beach day missed. A generous shot of vitamins will also wipe the exhaustion away. Win!