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Samos Travel Guide

Next stop – Samos. A reaalllly overlooked gem of the Aegean Sea. I honestly learned that this island even exists when Kaspar, my husband pointed it out as one of the possible flight destinations on the Aegean Airlines website (which offers flights from Tallinn – rare occasion!). 

Keyword of Samos: Pythagoras. A Greek philosopher and mathematician, mostly recognized by his theorem. Beside this, Samos is a great holiday destination for its pleasant beaches and the non-touristy atmosphere.

Where to stay

Ino Village for its proximity to the Samos City and Port. We stayed in one of their Superior Comfort rooms. Best part about this accommodation is the quiet location and scenic surroundings. We enjoyed walking back to the hotel from the Port and feeling how the sounds of the city stayed behind us. 

Watermelon welcome drinks at Fito Aqua Bleu Hotel in Samos
Welcome drinks at Fito Aqua Bleu

We also stayed at Fito Aqua Bleu Resort in Pythagoreio but it was not worth the hype. The airport is located right next to it and the planes are flying over the hotel beach constantly. Just thought you should know! Instead I would try Semeli Hotel.

Where to Eat

Espresso with chocolate and ice cream at Two Spoons Cafe

For ice-coffees and sweets served on a banana leaf go to Two Spoons in Pythagoreio. It is a lovely little cafe and you can recognize it by its blue sun chairs. They have really good ice-cream selection as well! 

Two Spoons outdoor area is small but cosy and inviting

For light lunch head to the Π2 Cafe in Pythagoreio. Its mathematic name makes you think about all the (useless) formulas you’ve learned at school! 

For veeery reasonably-priced and delicious fish dishes you should not miss the Welcome Restaurant in Vathy (Samos Town). 

Have drinks at Mezzo Volta and gaze at the sunset on the seaside terrace.

Seafood pasta at Chrisopetro restaurant in Samos


Sea views and seafood pasta at Chrisopetro

Order seafood pasta at Chrisopetro. It is served for two and it comes with a lobster included! Bingo! Add gorgeous view of the Aegean Sea and you are officially having the best holiday of your life!

For take-away Freddo cappuccinos and breakfast omelettes try Joy Food & Coffee in Samos Town. 

Things to Do

Book an olive oil tasting tour at Markou in Koumeika village. You will be introduced to the oil production techniques and you can score yourself some really good extra virgin olive oil at their signature store. After the tour you can have lunch at the nearby seaside Esperos light tavern.

On your way back from Komeika check out the bee houses and the honey farm. There is an option to buy locally produced honey in their signature shop.

Shop for Greek holiday clothes and sandals in 2thelittlestore in Pythagoreio.

Greek white house with yellow windows

Visit the Pythagoras square in Pythagoreio.

Hike to the Pythagoras cave where the mathematician hid himself from the evil tyrant – Polycrates. You will also come upon a chapel built inside the cave.

Buy local wines of Samos in the signature wine shop of Karlovasi. Samos Nectar is made from sun-dried grapes that are aged for 6 years in oak barrels. Perfect dessert wine!

And of course – spend all the mornings at the beach. All Samos beaches are special and pleasant. I would point out Livadaki Beach for its clear waters and Mikro Seitani secluded beach (requires a hike of about 1 hour but totally worth it!).

This was our take on the Samos Island. Are you planning a trip to Samos anytime soon? Or you have already been there? Let us know in the comments below!