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Mykonos One Day Travel Guide

My dear travellers, a new travel guide on our blog! This time it is a quickie – how to spend 24 hours on Mykonos to get immersed in the boho vibe and score the must-sees. I have to say in advance that this travel guide will not have recommendations for the wildest parties but it will sure guarantee a good overview of this Cyclades group island.  

When to visit

Freddo Cappucino at Aquarius Coffee & Snacks in Ano Mera, Mykonos
Happily waiting for our breakfast to arrive at Aquarius Coffee & Snacks in Ano Mera

Mykonos is a perfect holiday destination from May until September while June, July and August are considered to be the high-season months. Expect big price tags, lots of crowd, parties and it might be tricky finding good quality-price-ratio accommodation, so book in advance if you can. I use, (use their deals promo code found on their website) and for best deals. Despite being the “Ibiza of Greece” there are always possibilities of arranging your Mykonos vacation in a way that you escape the hustle and bustle if you are not the partying type.

Where to Stay

We stayed at the Terra Maltese Natural Retreat which is a relatively small and peaceful hotel offering white Greek style rooms, outdoor pool and a breakfast bar. It might feel a little away from the crowd – so I recommend renting a car to get to the beaches and restaurants. If you feel fancy, check out the new Soho Roc House (San Giorgio).

Car rent

It really makes sense to rent a car to get around, even if just for one day. Rent the smallest available car and avoid ATV if you can because the traffic is insane! The guy at the car rental said we will thank him later and oh boy, how right he was.  Booking a car in advance will save you money but there are lots of car rental booths just outside the airport.

Red Smart rental car for exploring Mykonos

We got the Smart Convertible and it proved to be a lifesaver as the roads are super narrow, the crowd is restless and parking space is limited.  Mykonos is not a place for a big fancy car. 

Beaches to Visit

Beaches of Mykonos are mostly serviced which means that you cannot really come and lie down on your sun towel but rather you are expected to rent sunbeds with umbrellas. During the summer months a set of sunbeds will range between 40 – 80 euros per day.  Beaches where you still can enjoy the comfort of your own towel are for example Ftelia Beach and Fokos Beach (can be windy but it is really peaceful and secluded).  For high class head to Scorpios (sunbeds 100-150€), for party and action  – the Paradise Beach.

Things to See

White and blue Mykonos streets

Park the car at the harbour and explore on foot from there. Walk down the winding small streets, visit Little Venice square, breathe in the boho vibe and let the boutiques, cafes, seashell jewellery and the carefree crowd enchant you. 

Local Mykonian beer - Mikonu

We had a simple lunch with Mikonian beer and pita gyros at Kalamaki Mykonos restaurant. Tasty, fast and really casual. There will be numerous dining options along the way to the windmills, so hop in once you see something that matches your mood. Treat yourself to a bohemian kaftan and a seashell necklace. Mykonos is a premium destination and it can be felt in the prices but hey – live a little!

Themis Z store on Mykonos
Beautiful store of Themis Z

 Visit the windmills at sunset before a quick stop at the hotel for change of the outfit and head to Scorpios – a bohemian style gathering place. In the daytime you can rent sun beds but in the evening it turns into a party lounge for all the Greek gods and goddesses.  The service is top notch, you can either just have a glass of wine and dance under the stars or book a table and have a proper dinner. If you go, pay attention to the way servants bring the food above their heads – they handle it with such class! A bohemian bazaar is also opened on the premises which offers handcrafted bohemian clothes and accessories. Scorpios is a really special place – not to be missed as it is the essence of Mykonos! And you don’t need to party if you don’t want to – it is totally OK to just swing to the greek beats, gaze at the stars and the luxury yachts docked by the shore.

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